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our Featured Artist is Jaymi Zents







Morticia's Chair is excited to feature the artwork of Cleveland area artist Jaymi Zents. The process that resulted in the collaboration seemed to be ordained. As the group worked on the project, experiencing the joys and frustrations of creativity, the title of "Trampled by a Muse" was offered by Dave, and immediately well received by the band. Frank was viewing an exhibit at LCC, and saw these amazing pieces of work by Jaymi. Inspired by the sublime "muse-like" quality of the paintings, and their seeming relationship to the album and music in process he created a sample of the cover art. The band agreed it was a brilliant representation of the energies behind the music. They asked Jaymi for the honor to feature her art, and she agreed! You can see her work at Vancurra Gallery in Middlefield, Oh

our Featured Artist is Jaymi Zents